My primary research interests are around computer vision, and connections betweeen computer vision and neurosciences, including biological vision of insects to primates, and the creation of prosthetic vision. I'm the project leader for two related projects that are developing computer vision research to assist the visually impaired. See link for some of the media coverage of our 2014 human mobility trials. The VIBE project is developing fundamental research in computer vision and developing non-surgical assistive devices. This is funded by Data61. VIBE is separate to but interacts with a project funded by the Australian Research Council through Bionic Vision Australia. I am scientific leader for vision processing strategies and techniques for Bionic Vision Australia. The Bionic Vision Australia partnership is funded by the Australian Research Council and aims to build the first Australian bionic eye implant whereby individuals may recover some of the lost vision via electrical stimulation of the retina. Vision processing will be one of the key components of a bionic eye as it will enable efficient encoding of key information from high resolution images into a set of stimulation signals the implants developed by BVA. We are seeking PhD students for this project in computer vision.