I am Research Lead of the PhysX SDK at NVIDIA Switzerland. PhysX is a GPU accelerated physics simulation library for computer games. My research interests include real-time physically-based simulation of macroscopic objects such as cloth, soft bodies, water and rigid bodies. I was a co-founder of NovodeX AG. In 2004 NovodeX AG was acquired by AGEIA. which, in turn, was acquired by NVIDIA in 2008. I received my diploma in Computer Science from ETH Zürich in 1993 and my Dr. sc. techn. (Ph.D) from ETH Zürich in 1999. From 1999 to 2001 I worked as a Post-Doc with the Computer Graphics Group of MIT in Cambridge USA. From 2001 - 2004 I was senior researcher with the Computer Graphics Laboratory of ETH Zürich.