DreamClean: Restoring Clean Image Using Deep Diffusion Prior

ICLR 2024(2024)

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Image restoration poses a garners substantial interest due to the exponential surge in demands for recovering high-quality images from diverse mobile camera devices, adverse lighting conditions, suboptimal shooting environments, and frequent image compression for efficient transmission purposes. Yet this problem gathers significant challenges as people are blind to the type of restoration the images suffer, which, is usually the case in real-day scenarios and is most urgent to solve for this field. Current research, however, heavily relies on prior knowledge of the restoration type, either explicitly through rules or implicitly through the availability of degraded-clean image pairs to define the restoration process, and consumes considerable effort to collect image pairs of vast degradation types. This paper introduces DreamClean, a training-free method that needs no degradation prior knowledge but yields high-fidelity and generality towards various types of image degradation. DreamClean embeds the degraded image back to the latent of pre-trained diffusion models and re-sample it through a carefully designed diffusion process that mimics those generating clean images. Thanks to the rich image prior in diffusion models and our novel Variance Preservation Sampling (VPS) technique, DreamClean manages to handle various different degradation types at one time and reaches far more satisfied final quality than previous competitors. DreamClean relies on elegant theoretical supports to assure its convergence to clean image when VPS has appropriate parameters, and also enjoys superior experimental performance over various challenging tasks that could be overwhelming for previous methods when degradation prior is unavailable.
Image Restoration,Diffusion Models,Image Prior,Blind Restoration,Super-Resolution,Image Denoising,Colorization,JPEG Artifacts Correction
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