Large-scale Urban Cellular Traffic Generation via Knowledge-Enhanced GANs with Multi-Periodic Patterns

Shuodi Hui,Huandong Wang,Tong Li,Xinghao Yang, Xing Wang,Junlan Feng,Lin Zhu,Chao Deng大牛学者,Pan Hui大牛学者,Depeng Jin大牛学者,Yong Li大牛学者

KDD '23: Proceedings of the 29th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining(2023)

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With the rapid development of the cellular network, network planning is increasingly important. Generating large-scale urban cellular traffic contributes to network planning via simulating the behaviors of the planned network. Existing methods fail in simulating the long-term temporal behaviors of cellular traffic while cannot model the influences of the urban environment on the cellular networks. We propose a knowledge-enhanced GAN with multi-periodic patterns to generate large-scale cellular traffic based on the urban environment. First, we design a GAN model to simulate the multi-periodic patterns and long-term aperiodic temporal dynamics of cellular traffic via learning the daily patterns, weekly patterns, and residual traffic between long-term traffic and periodic patterns step by step. Then, we leverage urban knowledge to enhance traffic generation via constructing a knowledge graph containing multiple factors affecting cellular traffic in the surrounding urban environment. Finally, we evaluate our model on a real cellular traffic dataset. Our proposed model outperforms three state-of-art generation models by over 32.77%, and the urban knowledge enhancement improves the performance of our model by 4.71%. Moreover, our model achieves good generalization and robustness in generating traffic for urban cellular networks without training data in the surrounding areas.
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