Red Teaming Language Model Detectors with Language Models


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The prevalence and high capacity of large language models (LLMs) present significant safety and ethical risks when malicious users exploit them for automated content generation. To prevent the potentially deceptive usage of LLMs, recent works have proposed several algorithms to detect machine-generated text. In this paper, we systematically test the reliability of the existing detectors, by designing two types of attack strategies to fool the detectors: 1) replacing words with their synonyms based on the context; 2) altering the writing style of generated text. These strategies are implemented by instructing LLMs to generate synonymous word substitutions or writing directives that modify the style without human involvement, and the LLMs leveraged in the attack can also be protected by detectors. Our research reveals that our attacks effectively compromise the performance of all tested detectors, thereby underscoring the urgent need for the development of more robust machine-generated text detection systems.
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