TEMPOS: QoS Management Middleware for Edge Cloud Computing FaaS in the Internet of Things


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Several classes of advanced Internet of Things (IoT) applications, e.g., in the industrial manufacturing domain, call for Quality of Service (QoS) management to guarantee/control performance indicators, even in presence of many sources of "stochastic noise" in real deployment environments, from scarcely available bandwidth in a time window to concurrent usage of virtualized processing resources. This paper proposes a novel IoT-oriented middleware that i) considers and coordinates together different aspects of QoS monitoring, control, and management for different kinds of virtualized resources (from networking to processing) in a holistic way, and ii) specifically targets deployment environments where edge cloud resources are employed to enable the Serverless paradigm in the cloud continuum. The reported experimental results show how it is possible to achieve the desired QoS differentiation by coordinating heterogeneous mechanisms and technologies already available in the market. This demonstrates the feasibility of effective QoS-aware management of virtualized resources in the cloud-to-things continuum when considering a Serverless provisioning scenario, which is completely original in the related literature to the best of our knowledge.
Quality of service, Cloud computing, FAA, Internet of Things, Middleware, Process control, Method of moments, Edge cloud computing, FaaS, Internet of Things, interoperability, middleware, QoS management, serverless
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