Meet Your Favorite Character: Open-domain Chatbot Mimicking Fictional Characters with only a Few Utterances

North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL)(2022)

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In this paper, we consider mimicking fictional characters as a promising direction for building engaging conversation models. To this end, we present a new practical task where only a few utterances of each fictional character are available to generate responses mimicking them. Furthermore, we propose a new method named Pseudo Dialog Prompting (PDP) that generates responses by leveraging the power of large-scale language models with prompts containing the target character's utterances. To better reflect the style of the character, PDP builds the prompts in the form of dialog that includes the character's utterances as dialog history. Since only utterances of the characters are available in the proposed task, PDP matches each utterance with an appropriate pseudo-context from a predefined set of context candidates using a retrieval model. Through human and automatic evaluation, we show that PDP generates responses that better reflect the style of fictional characters than baseline methods.
fictional characters,few utterances,open-domain
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