Study on Different Time Level Control Methods of Energy Storage System Considering the Reliability of Microgrid Cluster Power Supply

2020 IEEE International Conference on Applied Superconductivity and Electromagnetic Devices (ASEMD)(2020)

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In order to effectively reduce the influence of the power output uncertainty of distributed generation (DG) on the reliability and accuracy of power supply, the dispatching method of the microgrid cluster (MGC) incorporated into the grid is studied in the paper. The different time level control methods of energy storage system (ESS) considering the energy balance characteristics of MGC are proposed. Firstly, the relationship between MGC and grid dispatching deviation is established, and the corresponding relationship between each microgrid (MG) and MGC power output is determined. Secondly, considering the output characteristics of ES, fuzzy C-clustering is used to divide the output power deviation of each MG. Finally, according to the result of dispatching deviation, the decentralized ES and centralized energy storage (CES)are adjusted in time, and the power purchase demand to the grid is determined. The proposed method can ensure the reliability of the grid connected operation of MGC.
MGC,ESS,confidence interval,different time level control,power supply and demand balance
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