Fault-Tolerant Scheduling Algorithm With Re-Allocation for Divisible Task.


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Divisible task fault-tolerant scheduling problems for a heterogeneous system on a general and realistic platform are addressed in this paper, where the communication is in non-blocking message receiving mode, and the processors and communication links may have different speeds and startup overheads. For this kind of problems, the optimal sequence and the fraction of task for each processor are derived first when the fault checkout overhead and checkout time consumption are considered. Then, to decrease the time consumption and checkout overheads, a checkout strategy, which is more suitable for divisible task, is employed. Moreover, an efficient algorithm with the fault fraction units re-allocated is proposed. Finally, the experiments on some simulation examples are conducted and the experimental results indicate that the proposed algorithm is effective, can minimize the expected execution time, and can save the time on fault-tolerant consumption.
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Key words
Divisible task,optimal sequence,task re-allocated,fault-tolerant
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