Risk-Bounded Online Team Interventions Via Theory of Mind

Zhang Yuening, Robertson Paul,Shu Tianmin, Hong Sungkweon,Williams Brian

ICRA 2024(2024)

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Despite advancements in human-robot teamwork, limited progress was made in developing AI assistants capable of advising teams online during task time, due to the challenges of modeling both individual and collective beliefs of the team members. Dynamic epistemic logic has proved to be a viable tool for representing a machine Theory of Mind and for modeling communication in epistemic planning, with applications to human-robot teamwork. However, this approach has yet to be applied in an online teaming assistance context and fails to account for the real-life probabilities of potential team beliefs. We propose a novel blend of epistemic planning and POMDP techniques to create a risk-bounded AI team assistant, that intervenes only when the team's expected likelihood of failure exceeds a predefined risk threshold or in the case of potential execution deadlocks. Our experiments and simulated demonstration on the Virtualhome testbed show that the assistant can effectively improve team performance.
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Human-Robot Collaboration,Human-Robot Teaming,Social HRI
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