Fostering Self-Regulated Learning in a Flipped Classroom Approach and Developing Effective Web-Based Instruction for Pre-service Teachers of Mechatronics Engineering

Apichaya Khwankaew,Jirarat Sitthiworachart

2024 12th International Conference on Information and Education Technology (ICIET)(2024)

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Despite the growing emphasis on self-regulation in diverse learning settings, its impact on web-based instruction development remains understudied. This research fills that gap by exploring how web-based training can foster self-regulation skills and improve student engagement. Mixed methods research was used to collect data from 24 pre-service teachers of Mechatronics Engineering majors. A paired sample t-test revealed a significant difference between learning engagement on pre-test and post-test after using the web-based training. The post-test mean scores increase, was significant (p < 0.05). The study also found that the majority of students had a high satisfaction with the teaching and learning process, its usability and capacity to make learning with themselves via web-based training (before class) and increase engagement in group discussion in class. These support students in concentrating during class.
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Key words
self-regulated learning,web-based instruction,flipped classroom
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