J/ψ photoproduction: threshold to very high energy

Lin Tang, Yi-Xuan Yang,Zhu-Fang Cui,Craig D. Roberts


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A reaction model for γ + p → J/ψ + p photoproduction, which exposes the c c̅ content of the photon in making the transition γ→ cc̅ + ℙ→ J/ψ and couples the intermediate c c̅ system to the proton's valence quarks via Pomeron (ℙ) exchange, is used to deliver a description of available data, viz. both differential and total cross sections from near threshold, where data has newly been acquired, to invariant mass W ≈ 300GeV. The study suggests that it is premature to link existing γ + p → J/ψ + p data with, for instance, in-proton gluon distributions, the quantum chromodynamics trace anomaly, or pentaquark production. Further developments in reaction theory and higher precision data are necessary before the validity of any such connections can be assessed.
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