Instrumentation of Cross Electromagnetic Eddy Current Sensing for Internal Pipeline Inspection

Daokun Jiao,Bin Gao,Gaige Ru,Qiuping Ma, Jian Lei, Yong Zhang, Jian Feng Lu,Wai Lok Woo

IEEE Sensors Journal(2024)

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Eddy current (EC) detection technique has been applied for the inspection of small-diameter pipelines whereas it retains the limitation in detecting defects on the outer wall of the pipeline. This paper proposes a new instrumentation of cross electromagnetic eddy current sensing for internal pipeline inspection, The technique integrates the principles of remote field eddy current and near field eddy current, and involves exciting two types of magnetic fields inside the pipeline. The first magnetic field is oriented perpendicular to the pipe wall, which allows for the detection of inner wall defects. The second magnetic field propagates along the pipeline direction, enabling the detection of outer wall defects. By combining these two magnetic fields, the proposed technique enables simultaneous detection of both inner and outer wall defects in small-diameter buried pipelines. A detection platform for an experimental laboratory system has been built, and an internally integrated system developed for pipelines with an 8-inch diameter. By conducting inspections on various pipelines, defects on both the inner and outer walls were successfully detected. Results has validated the reliability and efficiency of the proposed detector.
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Key words
Eddy current testing,in-pipeline inspection,pipe inner and outer wall defect,cross electromagnetic eddy current
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