Demonstration of IoT Sensors Powered by Ambient RF Energy Harvesting

2024 IEEE International Workshop on Antenna Technology (iWAT)(2024)

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Ambient radio frequency (RF) powered Internet of Things (IoT) is a promising batteryless system for collecting environmental information for data exchange among devices. Ambient RF energy harvesting technology is most suitable for use in places that are hidden from light sources and are in difficult to reach places for battery replacement. In this paper, a demonstration of IoT sensors powered by ambient RF energy harvesting is presented. The system we have developed provides all key components from antenna, rectifier, power management unit (PMU), microcontroller unit (MCU) to sensing unit. In addition a novel 3-port antenna element for the systems is also described. The experimental results confirm that ambient RF signals can be regarded as an alternative to power supply in the next generation of wireless communications.
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Key words
ambient RF,energy harvesting application,feed network,IoT sensors,tri-modal patch antenna array
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