A Fast Four-Parameter Affine Motion Compensation Algorithm for Video Coding.

Data Compression Conference(2024)

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This paper proposes a fast four-parameter Affine Motion Compensation (AMC) algorithm. As shown in Fig. 1, the translation Motion Vector (MV) is derived by reusing the AMC sub-block MV derivation method firstly, which is used to conduct translation pre-transform. Secondly, a coordinate system whose coordinate origin is located on its top-left control point is established for the transformed block. Finally, the geometric relationship between two control point motion vectors (CPMVs) of the transformed block can be described as follows,\begin{equation*}\delta = \left| {\left({m{v_{0x}} - m{v_{1x}}}\right) \times H - \left({m{v_{0y}} + m{v_{1y}}}\right) \times W} \right| = 0\tag{1}\end{equation*}
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Key words
affine motion compensation,inter prediction,AVS3,video coding
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