RoboCAP: Robotic Classification and Precision Pouring of Diverse Liquids and Granular Media with Capacitive Sensing

Yexin Hu, Alexandra Gillespie,Akhil Padmanabha,Kavya Puthuveetil, Wesley Lewis, Karan Khokar,Zackory Erickson


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Liquids and granular media are pervasive throughout human environments, yet remain particularly challenging for robots to sense and manipulate precisely. In this work, we present a systematic approach at integrating capacitive sensing within robotic end effectors to enable robust sensing and precise manipulation of liquids and granular media. We introduce the parallel-jaw RoboCAP Gripper with embedded capacitive sensing arrays that enable a robot to directly sense the materials and dynamics of liquids inside of diverse containers, including some visually opaque. When coupled with model-based control, we demonstrate that the proposed system enables a robotic manipulator to achieve state-of-the-art precision pouring accuracy for a range of substances with varying dynamics properties. Code, designs, and build details are available on the project website.
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