Empowering People in Human-Robot Collaboration: Why, How, When, and for Whom.

Australasian Computer-Human Interaction Conference(2023)

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With the arrival of the Industry 5.0 era, the empowerment of humans in human-robot collaboration (HRC) becomes a focal issue for HRC research and development. There is not yet a well-developed body of research and practice to determine whether applications of HRC are actually serving to empower humans. Unpacking this question requires a multifaceted approach with key contributions from diverse fields and disciplines including user modelling, adaptive interfaces, persistent communication, interaction design, human factors, and situational awareness. This workshop brings researchers and practitioners together to discuss when HRC empowers humans and when it does not, how the empowerment of human in HRC can be facilitated, the benefits of empowering humans in HRC, and who is empowered in HRC and who is not. We invite researchers and practitioners in Human-Computer Interaction, Robotics and Engineering, Ethics, Psychology, Social Sciences, Design, Architecture, and Artificial Intelligence, who work actively or wish to expand their knowledge and experience in HRC to take part in this timely discussion; an important step towards shaping the next-generation human-robot collaboration where both performance and quality of work are enhanced by people and robots working together.
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