Reconfigurable water-based metamaterial with hybrid mechanism for backward-scattering reduction

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics(2024)

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Abstract A hybrid mechanism water-based metamaterial (HMWM) with polarization conversion, absorption and phase cancellation mechanisms is proposed in this paper. The absorption and polarization conversion mechanisms are integrated by combining the water layer with polarization conversion structure, and the absorption conversion rate (ACR) reaches more than 90% in the dual band (4.0-4.7 GHz and 8.2-15.7 GHz). Based on the above mechanism, the phase cancellation mechanism makes use of the opposite phase between HMWM and its mirror structure for checkerboard configuration to reduce the wideband radar cross section (RCS) by 3-18 GHz, achieving wide-angle RCS reduction and polarization insensitivity. In addition, the model realizes stealth control by adjusting RCS reduction capability under different water layer conditions. The results of simulation and experiment agree well, which fully demonstrates that the HMWM has scattering suppression capability and has potential application in multifunctional metamaterial.
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