Trusted Sharing of Computing Power Resources: Benefit-Driven Heterogeneous Network Service Provision Mechanism

IEEE Transactions on Services Computing(2024)

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The advancement of information and telecommunication technology has resulted in lots of computing power service providers (CSPs) sharing resources. This effectively improves the utilization of computing resources and provides opportunities for users to find best network services. However, with the increase of similar or identical services, traditional service provision mechanisms become more complicated and face more challenges. To provide on-demand services for users and trusted service sharing platform for CSPs, we propose a blockchain-based distributed network service provision (DNSP) mechanism. Based on blockchain technology, we design a distributed network service (BBDNS) architecture and introduce trusted QoS model for users and profit model for CSPs. Meanwhile, we develop a bi-objective optimization problem, called BP-MATCH, to balance benefits between users and CSPs. Then, we define DNSP mechanism based on smart contracts. Furthermore, to solve BP-MATCH, we design Kuhn-Munkres based service matching algorithm (KM-SMA) and ant colony optimization-based service matching algorithm (ACO-SMA). Finally, we conduct a simulation experiment based on the generated dataset. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can obtain the optimal service matching decision under certain conditions, and DNSP mechanism can guarantee the efficiency of service decisions while providing trusted distributed service.
Blockchain,computing power network,network service,resource sharing,service matching
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