Part-Aware Correlation Networks for Few-shot Learning

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia(2024)

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Few-shot learning brings the machine close to human thinking which enables fast learning with limited samples. Recent work considers local features to achieve contextual semantic complementation, while they are merely coarsened feature observations that can only extract insignificant label correlations. On the contrary, partial properties of few-shot examples significantly draw the implicit feature observations that can reveal the underlying label correlation of rare label classification. To fully explore the correlation between labels and partial features, this paper proposes a Part-Aware Correlation Network (PACNet) based on Partial Representation (PR) and Semantic Covariance Matrix (SCM). Specifically, we develop a partial representing module of an object that eliminates object-independent information and allows the model to focus on more distinctive parts. Furthermore, a semantic covariance measure function is redefined as a way to learn the semantic relationships of partial representations and to compute the partial similarity between the query sample and the support set. Experiments on three benchmark datasets consistently show that the proposed method outperforms the state-of-the-art counterparts, e.g. , on the PartImageNet dataset, the performance gains of up to 12% and 5.9% are observed for the 5-way 1-shot and 5-way 5-shot settings, respectively.
few-shot classification,metrics learning,partial feature
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