Review of Research on Evaluation Index System of Integrated Energy System in Low-Carbon Park

2023 5th International Academic Exchange Conference on Science and Technology Innovation (IAECST)(2023)

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As the core carrier of the integrated energy system, the new power system changes the structure and mode of the traditional integrated energy system. The multi-temporal and spatial scales of new energy output and demand side load characteristics do not match, involving four elements such as source, grid, load and storage, and the traditional comprehensive energy system evaluation system has been unable to evaluate the new energy system with the new power system as the core. Taking the integrated energy system of low-carbon park as the object, this paper summarizes and comments the multi-dimensional indexes of comprehensive evaluation of integrated energy system with new power system as the core, and analyzes the physical meaning and mathematical model of each index in detail from four dimensions of safety and efficiency, clean and low-carbon, flexible and flexible, and smart integration. Finally, the future evaluation index of low-carbon park integrated energy system is prospected.
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low-carbon park,integrated energy system,source-grid-load-storage,flexible match,evaluation index system
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