PortLaneNet: A Scene-Aware Model for Robust Lane Detection in Container Terminal Environments

Haixiong Ye, Zhichao Kang,Yue Zhou, Chenhe Zhang,Wei Wang, Xiliang Zhang

World Electric Vehicle Journal(2024)

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In this paper, we introduce PortLaneNet, an optimized lane detection model specifically designed for the unique challenges of enclosed container terminal environments. Unlike conventional lane detection scenarios, this model addresses complexities such as intricate ground markings, tire crane lane lines, and various types of regional lines that significantly complicate detection tasks. Our approach includes the novel Scene Prior Perception Module, which leverages pre-training to provide essential prior information for more accurate lane detection. This module capitalizes on the enclosed nature of container terminals, where images from similar area scenes offer effective prior knowledge to enhance detection accuracy. Additionally, our model significantly improves understanding by integrating both high- and low-level image features through attention mechanisms, focusing on the critical components of lane detection. Through rigorous experimentation, PortLaneNet has demonstrated superior performance in port environments, outperforming traditional lane detection methods. The results confirm the effectiveness and superiority of our model in addressing the complex challenges of lane detection in such specific settings. Our work provides a valuable reference for solving lane detection issues in specialized environments and proposes new ideas and directions for future research.
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Key words
intelligent systems,container port,lane detection,deep learning,feature fusion
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