3D hand pose estimation and reconstruction based on multi-feature fusion

Jiye Wang,Xuezhi Xiang, Shuai Ding,Abdulmotaleb El Saddik

Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation(2024)

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3D hand pose estimation and shape reconstruction is to recover the hand joint points and hand mesh vertices coordinates from the image. However, existing methods usually use only the high-level semantic features extracted by the backbone network to represent the hand mesh vertex features, which leads to a single representation of the hand vertices features and cannot fully utilize the feature information extracted by the network. In this paper, we propose a method for real-time 3D reconstruction of hands from a single RGB image, which enriches the 3D semantic information of the mesh vertices through multi-feature fusion. Firstly, we regress the 2D features of mesh vertices through Integral Pose Regression (IPR) and regard them as prior information to 3D features. Then we design a Multi-Scale Sampling(MSS) module to extract multi-scale information. Finally we fuse 2D prior features, multi-scale features, and high-level semantic features extracted by backbone to represent 3D initial feature. Additionally, we propose an Multi-Root(MR) loss function to address the imbalance problem caused by a single root joint. The experimental results indicate that our network achieves competitive performance on the FreiHAND and HO-3D public dataset, achieving fast inference speed with fewer parameters.
Hand pose estimation,Shape reconstruction,Multi-feature fusion,Multi-scale,Multi-root loss
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