Integration of Sensing, Communication, and Computing for Metaverse: A Survey

ACM Computing Surveys(2024)

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The metaverse is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) -generated virtual world, in which people can game, work, learn, and socialize. The realization of metaverse not only requires a large amount of computing resources to realize the rendering of the virtual world, but also requires communication resources to realize real-time transmission of massive data to ensure a good user experience. The metaverse is currently moving from fiction to reality with the development of advanced technologies represented by AI, blockchain, extended reality, and Digital Twins (DT) . However, due to the shortage of communication as well as computing resources, how to realize secure and efficient data interaction between the virtual and the real is an important issue for the metaverse. In this article, we first discuss the characteristics and architecture of the metaverse and introduce its enabling technologies. To cope with the conflict between limited resources and user demands, the article next introduces an Integrated Sensing, Communication, and Computing (SCC) technology and describes its basic principles and related characteristics of SCC. After that, solutions based on SCC in the metaverse scenarios are summarized and relevant lessons are summarized. Finally, we discuss some research challenges and open issues.
Metaverse,sensing,communication and computing integration,digital twins,edge computing
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