Optimizing the scheduling scheme for NSR/SCR tramp vessel shipping between Asia and Europe

Chengcheng Liu,Yanjie Zhou,Zhongzhen Yang, Yumin Li,Tao Li

Ocean Engineering(2024)

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To optimize the scheduling scheme of tramp vessels between Asia and Europe, considering the opening of the Arctic route, a vessel scheduling management optimization model is developed from the perspective of shipping companies. Based on meeting the shippers' requirements for transportation between Asian and European ports, minimizing the total cost of multi-period operation of tramp vessels, the specific transport scheduling scheme for ships is obtained. We found that shipping companies building their Vessels with Ice-breaking Ability (VIA) can reduce the total cost of ships operating Asia-Europe routes throughout the year. Furthermore, in the event of a half increase in fuel prices, opting for Arctic routes during the winter season proves to be more cost-effective for shipping companies.
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Key words
Northern Sea Route,Suez Canal route,Tramp vessel scheduling,Vessel with ice-breaking ability
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