LAPTOP-Diff: Layer Pruning and Normalized Distillation for Compressing Diffusion Models


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In the era of AIGC, the demand for low-budget or even on-device applications of diffusion models emerged. In terms of compressing the Stable Diffusion models (SDMs), several approaches have been proposed, and most of them leveraged the handcrafted layer removal methods to obtain smaller U-Nets, along with knowledge distillation to recover the network performance. However, such a handcrafting manner of layer removal is inefficient and lacks scalability and generalization, and the feature distillation employed in the retraining phase faces an imbalance issue that a few numerically significant feature loss terms dominate over others throughout the retraining process. To this end, we proposed the layer pruning and normalized distillation for compressing diffusion models (LAPTOP-Diff). We, 1) introduced the layer pruning method to compress SDM's U-Net automatically and proposed an effective one-shot pruning criterion whose one-shot performance is guaranteed by its good additivity property, surpassing other layer pruning and handcrafted layer removal methods, 2) proposed the normalized feature distillation for retraining, alleviated the imbalance issue. Using the proposed LAPTOP-Diff, we compressed the U-Nets of SDXL and SDM-v1.5 for the most advanced performance, achieving a minimal 4.0 decline in PickScore at a pruning ratio of 50 minimal PickScore decline is 8.2
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