General and Facile Synthesis of Co/CoO Nanoparticals Supported by Nitrogen-Doped Graphenic Networks as Efficient Oxygen Electrocatalyst for Zn-Air Batteries.

Xin Tian, Mengnan Xu,Xin Ma, Guanyu Mu,Junwu Xiao,Shuai Wang


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Reasonable design of low-cost, high-efficiency and stable bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts is of great significance to improve the reaction efficiency of Zn-air batteries, which is still a huge challenge. Here, we report a highly efficient bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst with three-dimensional (3D) N-doped graphene network-supported cobalt and cobalt oxide nanoparticles (Co/CoO-NG), which can be in situ synthesized by inducing metal ions on metal plates via graphene oxide as an inducer. This 3D network structure and open active center show excellent bifunctional oxygen electrocatalytic activity under alkaline conditions, and can be used as an air electrode in rechargeable Zn-air batteries, with significantly better power density (244.28 mW cm-2) and stability (over 340 h) than commercial Pt/C+RuO2 mixtures. This work is conducive to advancing the practical application of graphene-based materials as air electrodes for rechargeable zinc-air batteries.
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