Multi-Attribute Auction-Based Grouped Federated Learning

IEEE Transactions on Services Computing(2024)

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Federated Learning empowers data owners to collectively train an artificial intelligence model without exposing data. However, the heterogeneous resources and the self-interested users bring new challenges hindering the development of federated learning. To this end, we propose a Multi-attribute Auction-based Grouped Federated Learning scheme, called MAGFL, comprising a grouped federated learning framework and a multi-attribute auction-based group selection strategy. Initially, our grouped federated learning framework clusters clients into groups according to local characteristics. Then, we propose a quality assessment method to assess the quality of each group based on a fuzzy approach. Furthermore, the FL server distributes economic rewards to training clients to motivate more clients to join the FL system, which is likened to a multi-attribute auction market where each group agent bids for training opportunities. Moreover, we design a novel global model update method with added Adam (i.e., Adaptive Moment Estimation) operations into the global update stage, which can fully utilize the local and global update direction to accelerate the convergence rate of scheme MGAFL. Extensive experiments on real-world datasets demonstrate that the proposed scheme outperforms representative federated learning schemes (i.e., FedAvg, FedProx, and FedAvg-Adam) regarding the model's convergence rate and capacity to deal with heterogeneous systems.
Distributed machine learning,federated learning,multi-attribute auction mechanism
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