DuDoCFNet: Dual-Domain Coarse-to-Fine Progressive Network for Simultaneous Denoising, Limited-View Reconstruction, and Attenuation Correction of Cardiac SPECT.

IEEE transactions on medical imaging(2024)

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Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) is widely applied for the diagnosis of coronary artery diseases. Low-dose (LD) SPECT aims to minimize radiation exposure but leads to increased image noise. Limited-view (LV) SPECT, such as the latest GE MyoSPECT ES system, enables accelerated scanning and reduces hardware expenses but degrades reconstruction accuracy. Additionally, Computed Tomography (CT) is commonly used to derive attenuation maps (μ-maps) for attenuation correction (AC) of cardiac SPECT, but it will introduce additional radiation exposure and SPECT-CT misalignments. Although various methods have been developed to solely focus on LD denoising, LV reconstruction, or CT-free AC in SPECT, the solution for simultaneously addressing these tasks remains challenging and under-explored. Furthermore, it is essential to explore the potential of fusing cross-domain and cross-modality information across these interrelated tasks to further enhance the accuracy of each task. Thus, we propose a Dual-Domain Coarse-to-Fine Progressive Network (DuDoCFNet), a multi-task learning method for simultaneous LD denoising, LV reconstruction, and CT-free μ-map generation of cardiac SPECT. Paired dual-domain networks in DuDoCFNet are cascaded using a multi-layer fusion mechanism for cross-domain and cross-modality feature fusion. Two-stage progressive learning strategies are applied in both projection and image domains to achieve coarse-to-fine estimations of SPECT projections and CT-derived μ-maps. Our experiments demonstrate DuDoCFNet's superior accuracy in estimating projections, generating μ-maps, and AC reconstructions compared to existing single- or multi-task learning methods, under various iterations and LD levels. The source code of this work is available at https://github.com/XiongchaoChen/DuDoCFNet-MultiTask.
Cardiac SPECT,denoising,limited-view reconstruction,attenuation correction,dual-domain learning,multi-task learning
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