Navigating taxonomic complexity: A use-case report on FAIR scientific name-matching service usage in ENVRI Research Infrastructures

Research Ideas and Outcomes(2024)

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This paper presents a use-case conducted within the ENVRI FAIR project, examining challenges and opportunities in deploying FAIR-aligned (ensuring Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability) scientific name-matching services across Environmental Research Infrastructures (RIs). Six services were tested using various name variations, revealing inconsistencies in match types, status reporting and handling of canonical forms and typos. These diversities pose challenges for RI data pipelines and interoperability. The paper underscores the importance of standardised tools, enhanced communication, training, collaboration and shared resources. Addressing these needs can facilitate more effective FAIR implementation within the ENVRI community and biodiversity research. This, in turn, will empower RIs to seamlessly integrate and leverage scientific names, unlocking the full potential of their data for research and policy implementation.
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scientific names,taxonomy,biodiversity,FAIR,EN
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