Special issue on software citation, indexing, and discoverability


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Software plays a fundamental role in research as a tool, an output, or even as an object of study. This special issue on software citation, indexing, and discoverability brings together five papers examining different aspects of how the use of software is recorded and made available to others. It describes new work on datasets that enable large-scale analysis of the evolution of software usage and citation, that presents evidence of increased citation rates when software artifacts are released, that provides guidance for registries and repositories to support software citation and findability, and that shows there are still barriers to improving and formalising software citation and publication practice. As the use of software increases further, driven by modern research methods, addressing the barriers to software citation and discoverability will encourage greater sharing and reuse of software, in turn enabling research progress.
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Software,Citation,Indexing,Discoverability,FAIR principles,Research software
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