Supplementary Figure S1 from Tumor Microenvironment Landscapes Supporting EGFR-mutant NSCLC Are Modulated at the Single-cell Interaction Level by Unesbulin Treatment

Giorgia Maroni,Indira Krishnan,Roberta Alfieri, Valerie A. Maymi,Nicole Pandell, Eva Csizmadia,Junyan Zhang, Marla Weetall, Art Branstrom, Giulia Braccini, Eva Cabrera San Millán,Barbara Storti,Ranieri Bizzarri, Olivier Kocher, Daniela S. Daniela Sanchez Bassères,Robert S. Welner,Maria Cristina Magli,Ivan Merelli,John G. Clohessy,Azhar Ali,Daniel G. Tenen,Elena Levantini


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Supplementary Figure S1. BMI-1 inhibition affects cell cycle progression and tumor growth

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