ICE: Interactive 3D Game Character Editing via Dialogue


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Text-driven in-game 3D character auto-customization systems eliminate the complicated process of manipulating intricate character control parameters. However, current methods are limited by their single-round generation, incapable of further editing and fine-grained modification. In this paper, we propose an Interactive Character Editing framework (ICE) to achieve a multi-round dialogue-based refinement process. In a nutshell, our ICE offers a more user-friendly way to enable players to convey creative ideas iteratively while ensuring that created characters align with the expectations of players. Specifically, we propose an Instruction Parsing Module (IPM) that utilizes large language models (LLMs) to parse multi-round dialogues into clear editing instruction prompts in each round. To reliably and swiftly modify character control parameters at a fine-grained level, we propose a Semantic-guided Low-dimension Parameter Solver (SLPS) that edits character control parameters according to prompts in a zero-shot manner. Our SLPS first localizes the character control parameters related to the fine-grained modification, and then optimizes the corresponding parameters in a low-dimension space to avoid unrealistic results. Extensive experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed ICE for in-game character creation and the superior editing performance of ICE. Project page:
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