Graph Partial Label Learning with Potential Cause Discovering


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Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) have gained considerable attention for their potential in addressing challenges posed by complex graph-structured data in diverse domains. However, accurately annotating graph data for training is difficult due to the inherent complexity and interconnectedness of graphs. To tackle this issue, we propose a novel graph representation learning method that enables GNN models to effectively learn discriminative information even in the presence of noisy labels within the context of Partially Labeled Learning (PLL). PLL is a critical weakly supervised learning problem, where each training instance is associated with a set of candidate labels, including both the true label and additional noisy labels. Our approach leverages potential cause extraction to obtain graph data that exhibit a higher likelihood of possessing a causal relationship with the labels. By incorporating auxiliary training based on the extracted graph data, our model can effectively filter out the noise contained in the labels. We support the rationale behind our approach with a series of theoretical analyses. Moreover, we conduct extensive evaluations and ablation studies on multiple datasets, demonstrating the superiority of our proposed method.
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