Analysis of the new market trends of UAVS for safe BVLOS operations

Elena Politi, Panagiotis Rodosthenous, Ricardo J. Dos Reis, Morten Larsen,Iraklis Varlamis,George Dimitrakopoulos

Journal of Physics: Conference Series(2024)

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Abstract UAVs are currently conquering the skies as prominent tools for various data-intensive applications, in the economic, transport, military and civil sector. While initially found application in the military sector, technology progression allowed them to enter the recreational sector and are now gaining ground in the fringes of the commercial environment. In parallel, technical components and subsystems that are application-optimised focus on highly automated drones, benefit from expertise in other domains, especially when it comes to Electronic Components and Systems (ECS), such as the automotive one, to operate beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) with a rather high degree of autonomy. Such technological developments, as well as currents trends and societal needs have opened the way for an unparalleled expansion in the use of UAS for a great number of applications, where humans cannot reach or are unable to perform in a timely and efficient manner. This work aims to present a in-depth analysis of the current market trends that shape the existing landscape for the development of safe and reliable BVLOS operations.
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