Adaptive Disturbance Observer-Based Fixed-Time Tracking Control for Uncertain Robotic Systems


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This article proposes a novel adaptive disturbance observer-based fixed-time backstepping control algorithm for uncertain robotic systems. First, an adaptive sliding mode disturbance observer (ASMDO) is designed to compensate for the lumped disturbances of the robotic system, such as model uncertainty and friction. Second, considering the actuator saturation problem of the robotic system, a new adaptive fixed-time auxiliary system is developed. Then, based on the ASMDO and the adaptive auxiliary system, a novel fixed-time backstepping tracking control algorithm is proposed to achieve faster fixed-time high accuracy tracking control for uncertain robotic systems under actuator saturation. Finally, comparative experiments validate the practicality of the proposed faster fixed-time backstepping control algorithm. Both theoretical analysis and experimental results demonstrate the superiority of the proposed fixed-time backstepping control algorithm.
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Actuator saturation,adaptive sliding mode disturbance observer (ASMDO),backstepping control,fixed-time control,uncertain robotic systems
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