ERS-HDRI: Event-Based Remote Sensing HDR Imaging


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High dynamic range imaging (HDRI) is an essential task in remote sensing, enhancing low dynamic range (LDR) remote sensing images and benefiting downstream tasks, such as object detection and image segmentation. However, conventional frame-based HDRI methods may encounter challenges in real-world scenarios due to the limited information inherent in a single image captured by conventional cameras. In this paper, an event-based remote sensing HDR imaging framework is proposed to address this problem, denoted as ERS-HDRI, which reconstructs the remote sensing HDR image from a single-exposure LDR image and its concurrent event streams. The proposed ERS-HDRI leverages a coarse-to-fine framework, incorporating the event-based dynamic range enhancement (E-DRE) network and the gradient-enhanced HDR reconstruction (G-HDRR) network. Specifically, to efficiently achieve dynamic range fusion from different domains, the E-DRE network is designed to extract the dynamic range features from LDR frames and events and perform intra- and cross-attention operations to adaptively fuse multi-modal data. A denoise network and a dense feature fusion network are then employed for the generation of the coarse, clean HDR image. Then, the G-HDRR network, with its gradient enhancement module and multiscale fusion module, performs structure enforcement on the coarse HDR image and generates a fine informative HDR image. In addition, this work introduces a specialized hybrid imaging system and a novel, real-world event-based remote sensing HDRI dataset that contains aligned remote sensing LDR images, remote sensing HDR images, and concurrent event streams for evaluation. Comprehensive experiments have demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed method. Specifically, it improves state-of-the-art PSNR by about 30% and the SSIM score by about 9% on the real-world dataset.
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HDR imaging,multi-modal fusion,remote sensing image processing,event camera,machine learning
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