Convex optimization-based high-speed and security joint optimization scheme in optical access networks

Anqi Hu, Lu Gan,Lei Guo, Hao Yan, Junfan Hu


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Data rate and security are essential performance metrics for passive optical networks (PON). However, existing optical access networks lack standardized metrics to evaluate rate and security performance uniformly. This paper introduces a high-speed and security joint optimization scheme for optical access networks using convex optimization. Evaluation metrics for data rate and security performance in PON are established. According to the evaluation metrics, the security optimization objective function U-s, high-speed optimization objective function GMI, and high-speed security joint-optimization objective function Hs are established. An optimization problem is formulated to maximize weighted rate and security indicators, factoring in constraints such as maximum power, probability, amplifier capacity, normalized mutual information, and key and frame lengths. An alternating optimization method is applied to iteratively address sub-problems by exploiting successive convex approximations and differences of convex functions. This transforms non-convex sub-problems into convex optimizations. Experimental results highlight notable improvements in objective function values, confirming the effectiveness of the proposed high-speed security optimization algorithm for optical access networks. (c) 2024 Optica Publishing Group under the terms of the Optica Open Access Publishing Agreement
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