Scalable Spatio-temporal Top-k Interaction Queries on Dynamic Communities.

ACM Trans. Spatial Algorithms Syst.(2024)

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Social media platforms generate massive amounts of data that reveal valuable insights about users and communities at large. Existing techniques have not fully exploited such data to help practitioners perform a deep analysis of large online communities. Lack of scalability hinders analyzing communities of large sizes and requires tremendous system resources and unacceptable runtime. This paper proposes a new analytical query that identifies the top- k posts that a given user community has interacted with during a specific time interval and within a spatial range. We propose a novel indexing framework that captures the interactions of users and communities to provide a low query latency. Moreover, we propose exact and approximate algorithms to process the query efficiently and utilize the index content to prune the search space. The extensive experimental evaluation on real data has shown the superiority of our techniques and their scalability to support large online communities.
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Key words
community,query processing,users interactions,spatio-temporal query
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