Error mechanism analysis and accuracy enhancement method for circular gratings angle-measuring system

Sensors and Actuators A: Physical(2024)

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In order to raise the accuracy of the circular gratings angle-measuring system, a comprehensive error model is established, and a novel compensation method is proposed. Firstly, many error sources, including the rotary errors of axis system, the installation eccentricity and the inclination of the circular grating disc, the graduation line error of the circular grating disc, and the installation error of the multiple readingheads of the high precision circular gratings angle-measuring system are comprehensively taken into consideration. Secondly, the position and attitude errors are propagated to the angular position outputs, thus the mathematical relationships between error sources and the angular position error are established. Aiming at multiple readingheads system, the mechanism of influence of the error sources on the angular position error is unveiled, and the mechanical error identification and reduction method is proposed. After that, a checking system with a 23-mirrored polygon and an autocollimator is set up, and the complete combinatorial method of separating the angular position errors from the readouts of the autocollimator precisely is used. Finally, the angular position error compositions are separated by the harmonic analysis method, and the concerned error coefficients are compensated. The experimental results show that the nominal indication interval value of the angular position errors is reduced to 0.23" by the mechanical error reduction method, and then the nominal indication interval value of the angular position errors is reduced to 0.12" by software measurement method. And the two sets’ repeatability of the separated biases of the 23-mirrored polygon before and after compensating is 95%.
Angular position error,Complete combinatorial method,Error analysis,Fourier analysis,Circular gratings angle-measuring system
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