ESMU:Efficient and Secure High-precision Map Upload and Update Scheme in Intelligent IoT System

IEEE Internet of Things Journal(2024)

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With the development of autonomous driving technology, the accuracy requirements for electronic maps are becoming increasingly high.And high-precision maps, as a key carrier of intelligent IoT System in the field of transportation, has become a necessity for autonomous driving. The drawing of high-precision maps cannot be separated from the data collection of convoys, but there are security issues such as pseudo mobility attacks and low data privacy in this process. Therefore, a hybrid authentication architecture for map collection vehicles and base stations based on alliance blockchain is proposed. This architecture has significant effectiveness in resisting mobile pseudo base station attacks, achieving authentication of access point vehicles by mobile base stations. At the same time, in order to effectively adapt to high-precision map scenarios, the proposed key distribution strategy and high-precision map update method are both lightweight. Last but not least, we analyze and evaluate the performance of ESMU through rigorous theoretical analysis and extensive experimental verification. The results demonstrate its high efficiency and strong robustness.
High-precision map update,Authentication,Pseudo mobile base station attack,Key distribution,Data aggregation
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