A refined adaptive event-based resilient filtering for complex networks over switching topology.

ISA transactions(2024)

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The problem of the resilient filtering for a class of discrete-time complex networks over switching topology is investigated. Taking into account the limitation of channel bandwidth, a refined adaptive event-triggered scheme is derived, whose threshold is determined by the change rate of measurement. The large change rate of measurement results in a smaller threshold, which means that more data packets will be transmitted to guarantee the performance of filtering, and the smaller one leads to a bigger threshold to save the network energy. Under the adaptive event-triggered scheme, considering the switching topology and uncertain inner coupling, a resilient filtering with a variable filtering gain is proposed. Additionally, the minimal upper bound of the covariance of estimation error is developed and the sufficient conditions are also given to obtain the exponentially bounded in mean square of the estimation error system. Finally, a simulation is presented to certify the effectiveness of the derived resilient filtering.
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Key words
Adaptive event-triggered schemes,Complex networks,Resilient filtering,Switching topology
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