Core network traffic prediction based on vertical federated learning and split learning

Pengyu Li, Chengwei Guo,Yanxia Xing, Yingji Shi,Lei Feng,Fanqin Zhou

Scientific Reports(2024)

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Wireless traffic prediction is vital for intelligent cellular network operations, such as load-aware resource management and predictive control. Traditional centralized training addresses this but poses issues like excessive data transmission, disregarding delays, and user privacy. Traditional federated learning methods can meet the requirement of jointly training models while protecting the privacy of all parties’ data. However, challenges arise when the local data features among participating parties exhibit inconsistency, making the training process difficult to sustain. Our study introduces an innovative framework for wireless traffic prediction based on split learning (SL) and vertical federated learning. Multiple edge clients collaboratively train high-quality prediction models by utilizing diverse traffic data while maintaining the confidentiality of raw data locally. Each participant individually trains dimension-specific prediction models with their respective data, and the outcomes are aggregated through collaboration. A partially global model is formed and shared among clients to address statistical heterogeneity in distributed machine learning. Extensive experiments on real-world datasets demonstrate our method’s superiority over current approaches, showcasing its potential for network traffic prediction and accurate forecasting.
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