Symmetry in Blockchain-Powered Secure Decentralized Data Storage: Mitigating Risks and Ensuring Confidentiality

Iuon-Chang Lin, Yi-Hsuan Kuo,Ching-Chun Chang, Jui-Chuan Liu,Chin-Chen Chang


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In today's digital landscape, the exponential growth of data heightens security risks associated with traditional centralized storage systems. Utilizing blockchain technology, a shift towards decentralized data storage provides a more secure and private alternative. Central to our work is the exploration of symmetry in data management, a concept woven into the fabric of our proposed solution to challenge the inherency in InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) technology. Through the strategic utilization of smart contract-invoked random functions, our blockchain-based solution fragments and securely stores data in order to ensure a symmetrical balance between confidentiality and integrity. Our research endeavors are to contribute a robust, ethically grounded data storage framework fostering advancements in secure data sharing. The implications of this paper are significant in addressing contemporary challenges of data management within the expansive realm of big data.
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Key words
blockchain,ethereum,random number generator,IPFS,smart contracts,data storage
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