Induced subgraphs and tree decompositions XV. Even-hole-free graphs with bounded clique number have logarithmic treewidth


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We prove that for every integer $t\geq 1$ there exists an integer $c_t\geq 1$ such that every $n$-vertex even-hole-free graph with no clique of size $t$ has treewidth at most $c_t\log{n}$. This resolves a conjecture of Sintiari and Trotignon, who also proved that the logarithmic bound is asymptotically best possible. It follows that several NP-hard problems such as Stable Set, Vertex Cover, Dominating Set and Coloring admit polynomial-time algorithms on this class of graphs. As a consequence, for every positive integer $r$, $r$-Coloring can be solved in polynomial time on even-hole-free graphs without any assumptions on clique size. As part of the proof, we show that there is an integer $d$ such that every even-hole-free graph has a balanced separator which is contained in the (closed) neighborhood of at most $d$ vertices. This is of independent interest; for instance, it implies the existence of efficient approximation algorithms for certain NP-hard problems while restricted to the class of all even-hole-free graphs.
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