LGAT: a light graph attention network focusing on message passing for semi-supervised node classification


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Deep learning has shown superior performance in various applications. The emergence of graph convolution neural networks (GCNs) enables deep learning to learn the latent representation from graph-structured data with rich attributes. To be specific, the message passing mechanism of GCNs can aggregate and update messages through the topological relationship between nodes in a graph. The graph attention network (GAT) introduces the attention mechanism into GCNs when aggregating messages and achieves significant performance on the node classification task. However, focusing on each node in the neighborhood, GAT becomes extremely complex. In addition, although stacking network layers could obtain a wider receptive field, it also brings high time cost and leads to the difficulty of training. To handle this problem, this paper only divides the messages into two types, i.e. self message and neighborhood message. The neighborhood message comes from the neighborhood with(out) self-loop while the self message comes from the node itself. Then, we design a light attention mechanism that only focuses on two weights, one for the self message, and the other for the neighborhood message, to adaptively reveal the different contributions of messages from a node as well as its neighborhood. In addition, we also adopt linear propagation, a shallow and efficient method, to aggregate messages from distant neighbors and thus obtain a wider neighborhood receiving field. To verify the effectiveness of our proposed approach, extensive experiments have been conducted on the semi-supervised node classification task. Results show that our proposed approach achieves comparable or even better performance than the baseline methods with complicated GCN structures on the benchmark datasets. Specifically, the proposed light attention mechanism focusing on message passing exhibits a great efficiency improvement with the training time cost less than half of GAT.
Graph representation learning,Graph neural networks,Attention mechanism,Message passing,Semi-supervised node classification
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