A Millimeter-Wave Wideband Low-Profile Folded Reflectarray Transceiver for Frequency-Diverse Near-Field Imaging

2023 Cross Strait Radio Science and Wireless Technology Conference (CSRSWTC)(2023)

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This paper presents a wideband, low-profile, folded reflectarray (FRA) antenna integrated as a transceiver for frequency-diverse near-field imaging. The FRA is composed of a polarization grid and a polarization conversion surface (PCS), re-ducing the feed height to $F$ /2 with a single reflection. To provide frequency diversity to the imaging system, the FRA employs a 1-bit random encoding scheme. In order to increase measurement modes, a broadband cat-eyed polarization conversion unit is designed. The proposed polarization conversion unit exhibits a relative bandwidth of 91.6% (from 14 GHz to 37.67 GHz) with a polarization conversion ratio (PCR) exceeding 89%. To further reduce the profile of the imaging system, a corresponding wide-band dual-polarized horn antenna is designed as a transceiver. The proposed imaging system is able to detect a moving object and reconstruct a rectangle object. The proposed transceiver has the potential of integrated sensing and communication for the future 6G.
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Folded reflectarray,low profile,frequency-diverse,microwave imaging,polarization conversion
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