Power Current Balance Energy Management Method Based on Multi-voltage Class DC Distribution Network

Zihong Song,Youzhuo Zheng, Yekui Yang, Long Hua, Mingzhu Jin, Riquan Li

2023 10th International Forum on Electrical Engineering and Automation (IFEEA)(2023)

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At present, as a new technology in power system, multi-voltage class DC distribution network faces increasing challenges, one of the most important is to maintain current balance. The main causes of current imbalance in DC distribution network with multiple voltage levels are load fluctuation and renewable energy fluctuation. And because of the instability of users and new energy, the current imbalance has some problems such as irregularity and difficulty in forecasting. Therefore, this paper proposes a method to reduce the three-phase unbalanced current through the energy management of the energy storage battery. First of all, this paper introduces the topology of a multi-voltage class DC distribution network, in which three-phase current unbalance occurs. Secondly, an energy management method of energy storage battery based on multi-voltage level DC distribution network is proposed to reduce the three-phase unbalanced current. Then, a control strategy for the energy storage battery is given by controlling the energy storage converter to control the charge and discharge of the energy storage battery and the power of the charge and discharge. Finally, the feasibility of the proposed method is verified by simulation. Three-phase balanced current has important benefits for the grid, and when three-phase current is balanced, it reduces line losses, improves voltage stability, reduces the risk of equipment overload, provides symmetrical capacity utilization, and reduces harmonics and electromagnetic interference. Through the energy management of the energy storage system, the three-phase balance current is realized to ensure the reliability, stability and efficiency of the power grid.
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Key words
multi-voltage class DC distribution network,three-phase current unbalance,load fluctuation,renewable energy fluctuations,energy storage management
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