The "ADDIE" model of instructional design in the construction of a learning object aimed at raising awareness of the post-pandemic "new normal" in preschool

Juliana Silveira Marcondes, Clea Souza, Jessica Guerreiro Valuthky, Tiago Kutzner,Isabela Gasparini,Kariston Pereira, Silvia Teresinha Frizzarini


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The return to in-person classes for students of basic education in the city of Joinville/SC, which occurred during the pandemic of Covid-19, drastically changed the schools' daily activities and required the observance of a series of new rules. In order to address the challenge of the assimilation of this "new normal" by children in preschool, this article's objective was to create and implement a Learning Object aimed at this group. With this purpose in mind, the "ADDIE" model was used, going through its stages of analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. The results showed that the material developed during this study contributed to raising the children's awareness about the new protocols governing the school environment, highlighting the potential of audiovisual interventions in the guidance of early childhood education students.
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Key words
Learning object,Instructional design,Preschool
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