Teamwork Makes TEE Work: Open and Resilient Remote Attestation on Decentralized Trust

Xiaolin Zhang, Kailun Qin,Shipei Qu, Tengfei Wang,Chi Zhang,Dawu Gu


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Remote Attestation (RA) enables the integrity and authenticity of applications in Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to be verified. Existing TEE RA designs employ a centralized trust model where they rely on a single provisioned secret key and a centralized verifier to establish trust for remote parties. This model is however brittle and can be untrusted under advanced attacks nowadays. Besides, most designs only provide fixed functionalities once deployed, making them hard to adapt to different needs on availability, Quality of Service (QoS), etc. Therefore, we propose JANUS, an open and resilient TEE RA scheme. To decentralize trust, we, on one hand, introduce Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) as an intrinsic root of trust (RoT) in TEE to provide additional measurements and cryptographic enhancements. On the other hand, we use blockchain and smart contract to realize decentralized verification and result audit. Furthermore, we design an automated turnout mechanism that allows JANUS to remain resilient and offer flexible RA services under various situations. We provide a UC-based security proof and demonstrate the scalability and generality of JANUS by implementing an open-sourced prototype.
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